Supporters have organized a strike fund to aid the workers.

The workers went public as members of the Industrial Workers of the World after months of organizing among the workers in response to changes in the workplace, which they said resulted in a decline in conditions and mismanagement of the worker’s time and the organization’s resources.

The strike began March 1 when the managing collective announced that they were unwilling to negotiate on any demands. The workers are now prepared to continue the strike by refusing to canvass door-to-door or conduct fundraising efforts until the collective comes back to the table ready to meet the workers’ demands.

Tracy Steidl, a union canvasser, summed up the union\’s position: "They\’re not even recognizing the union as a representative body of the canvassers. It\’s obvious from this morning\’s display that this is a grasp at straws by collective members slandering another human being in order to stop a legitimate organizing effort. It\’s obvious they\’ll do anything necessary to preserve power and influence for themselves."

"They\’ve shown that they are willing to sacrifice the mission of Sister\’s Camelot, for the sake of shutting down the voices of their own workers, who make this organization possible," said fired worker Shuge Mississippi, "I love Sisters\’ Camelot, but it\’s clear that the collective has turned into the very thing we built it not to be."

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