Fast food workers’ strikes spread

First, New York. Then, Chicago and St. Louis. And on May 10, Detroit. Fast food workers nationwide, poor, upset and disgusted by the huge contrast between fast food CEOs’ pay and their minimum-wage, no-benefit jobs, are walking out of their restaurants by the scores.

NYC fast-food workers stage second 1-day walkout

Fed up with wages so low that they often face eviction, and lack of power to fight for a decent living standard, thousands of New York City fast food workers staged a second 1-day walkout from their jobs, on April 4. The workers, led by the Fast Food Forward, a community-based organizing group, demanded living wages of $15 an hour – barely enough to survive on in New York – and the right to organize without employer interference. It was their second walkout. The first was last November.

Union membership declined in 2012

The number of union members nationwide declined by 398,000 from 2011 to 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. But there are many qualifications and caveats, the BLS economist who analyzes the data adds.

Coverage of the Minnesota AFL-CIO convention

Check out the Workday coverage of the recent Minnesota AFL-CIO convention:

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