‘Almanac Trail’ Tour comes to town Thursday

In the summer of 1941, a musical group of labor activists known as The Almanac Singers climbed into a midnight blue Buick and blazed a trail across the USA, spreading the gospel of unionism and bringing folk music back to the people.

Low-wage workers step up activism

Can you imagine earning 22 cents an hour – and trying to live on it? That’s what Goodwill Industries could pay disabled workers, the workers say in an on-line petition demanding decent wages from the charity.

Legislature passes Homeowner’s Bill of Rights

On Sunday the Minnesota House of Representatives passed H.F. 1377, the Minnesota Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, on a bipartisan vote of 123-0. The bill now heads to Governor Mark Dayton’s desk for signature. A companion version of the bill passed in the Senate Thursday evening.