Hospital laundry workers go on strike

More than 240 members of Worker’s United Local 150 walked off the job from Health Systems Cooperative Laundries Monday in a strike over unfair labor practices, which include the company’s unilateral discontinuation of sick-day benefits.

State workers to vote on new contracts

Members of Council 5 of AFSCME, the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, and MAPE, the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees, will vote on tentative contract settlements with the State of Minnesota.

Teamsters voting on UPS contracts

Teamsters are voting, with a deadline of June 20, on new contracts with United Parcel Service and UPS Freight. The contracts cover 250,000 workers, making them the largest private-sector bargaining agreements in the United States.

Retail cleaning workers to go on two-day strike

Workers who clean Target and other retail stores in the Twin Cities will hold a two-day strike starting Monday to protest working conditions and call attention to their right to form a union. The walkout will include demonstrations and a delegation to the Target shareholders’ meeting.